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Close Concierge helps top agents like you grow their business by handling everything from contract-to-close so you can focus on getting more clients and homes under contract

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What We Do

Save You Time

Your dedicated Concierge will save you 15 hours per transaction so you can close new contracts instead of rescheduling inspections

Protect your paycheck

Your dedicated Concierge will be the best in the world at ensuring the contract will close, without errors, so you will be paid

Maintain Compliance

Your dedicated Concierge will constantly be on top of broker, state, and national compliance policies, so you don't have to


Close Concierge was built differently

Why Close Concierge?
Close Concierge was built for only the highest producing agents
Who You are

Top agents like you have built successful businesses and are looking to grow even further. A transaction coordinator from Close Concierge can help you achieve your growth goals

Individual Agents

You are a leading agent who closess three attractions a month & would like a dedicated Close Concierge transaction coordinator to work with you


You & your team have quickly grown and are looking for a dedicated transaction coordinator for your team

Offices & Brokerages

Your office has grown and your agents need to offload transaction coordination to free up time for further growth

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