As a real estate agent who’s considering whether to take on a transaction coordinator (TC) for help with contracts, you may be curious about the roles a TC can fill. This article will help you determine if you need a real estate transaction coordinator, discuss the role of real estate transaction coordinators, and list examples […]

Are you considering hiring a real estate assistant? Unsure whether you even need one? In this article, we’ll cover some real estate assistant responsibilities, talk about the training they have, and what they have in common with transaction coordinators. We’ll touch on how to hire an assistant or transaction coordinator (TC) and discuss what to […]

Before anyone hires a transaction coordinator, they need to first do their research.You’ll need to determine whether it’s time to hire a real estate transaction coordinator, learn some of the benefits of having a transaction coordinator, and ask yourself some basic questions to determine whether they’d be a good fit.    You can also find […]

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