Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks When you think about it, being a real estate agent is a daunting task. There’s so much more to it than simply “selling houses,” you need to research the market, coordinate with all parties, write up a contract, ensure that all documents are signed, and more. Many busy agents start […]

Real Estate Assistant Responsibilities Have you ever run into the question: “What do real estate agents do?” If so, you’ve probably found yourself at a loss for words. The fact is that the list of what real estate agents don’t do seems like a much shorter option. It’s an exhausting job – which is why […]

Florida Real Estate Unlicensed Assistant Are you looking into hiring a real estate unlicensed assistant in Florida? Or, perhaps you are trying to decide if ou should hire an unlicensed assistant or a licensed assistant? Then you’re in luck: we wrote this article to answer the typical questions that come up when determining whether an […]

How to Break into Luxury Real Estate Everything about luxury real estate agents denotes subtle sophistication and class – from luxury real estate business cards to perfectly polished websites. The vocabulary of luxury agents is different, and they rub elbows with high-class members of society. It’s no secret that luxury real estate agent salary is […]

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