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5 Signs of a Good Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator can make your life easier by handling the many administrative tasks that come along with closing a real estate deal – but how do you know that you’re hiring a good one? In this article, we take a look at 5 signs of a good Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, so you can make sure you’ve found the ideal fit for your real estate business

1. Relevant Experience

While it isn’t necessary to have a license in real estate to become a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, knowledge of the real estate industry and experience in the field is an absolute plus. A lack of experience will likely lead to significant delays in the administrative process, and important details may be overlooked. Therefore, you should only consider hiring a Transaction Coordinator that is not new to either the industry or position.

2. Decision-Making Abilities

You’re likely hiring a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator because you don’t want to constantly be bombarded with making decisions. By hiring a professional who can independently make informed decisions, you will save yourself plenty of time and stress. tells us more about why hiring a professional with strong decision-making capabilities is a sign of a good TC:

“If you’re trying to judge someone’s decision-making capabilities, realize that good decision-making relies on a list of traits, including the ability to collaborate, problem-solve, and reason in a logical manner. Emotional intelligence is also a necessity. Fortunately, these are all things you can measure with the right interview questions.”

3. Detail-Oriented

A Transaction Coordinator not only needs to be organized, but they need to be detail-oriented as well. This type of position involves multi-tasking and hard deadlines while juggling multiple deals at a time, so your TC must be able to complete all of these tasks without missing a beat.

Realtor Brent Davies tells us why a good Transaction Coordinator is so valuable on Dotloop

“Brent Davies, a real estate transaction coordinator for David Dorman, Century 21 Professional Group, Ocoee, FL, finds a transaction coordinator’s attention to detail often complements many agents, who tend to be great salespeople but not always the most organized. “It requires an editor’s attention to detail,” he says.”

4. They Use Great Systems

Odds are, a great Real Estate Transaction Coordinator has a great real estate transaction management software on their side. If organization and attention to detail are not a Transaction Coordinator’s top strengths, then leaning on the right tech can completely compensate for these types of shortcomings.

5. They Relieve Some of the Stress and Pressure

Last but not least, a great Transaction Coordinator will relieve some of the stress and pressure from your job – and if they’re not, you’re definitely hiring the wrong one. A TC is there to take care of the administrative work that you just don’t have time to do, and you need to be able to trust that they will not miss a deadline.

The Katy News explains why a good Real Estate Transaction Coordinator will make your life easier:

“Real estate can be an extremely stressful business particularly when you are just getting started. If you do not have the right professionals behind you, you will certainly feel the pressure. A transaction coordinator can help you relieve some of the stresses and pressure associated with this. Their job role entails being aware of all the deadlines, timelines, and clauses that must be followed as part of the closing process. You can allow this professional to worry about this, making the overall process easier and less stressful for you.

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