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Closing Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Not sure what closing gift you should get? We know how hard it can be to find that perfect gift, and we want to help. Whether you’re looking for closing gift ideas for buyers or closing gift ideas for sellers, we’ve got you covered. Note: Some of these gift ideas are more costly than others, so plan accordingly to avoid overspending on your closing gift. Here are some of the best real estate closing gift ideas we found after scouring the internet!

The Comprehensive List

Dani Vanderboegh went all-out on this list that she created in 2018. There are over 135 ideas on closing gifts. We’ve highlighted our favorites from each category below – check it out!

Animal Lovers

On the list, they featured a super-awesome Dog Lover’s gift basket. We’re dog people here at Close Concierge, so we chose to put it in this article. At the time we’re writing this (2021) the link doesn’t work. We found some other great gift baskets though. 

Woofables makes a $30 gift basket specifically called the Welcome Home Basket for dogs. It comes with a mega bone dog treat with the dog’s name on it. It comes with 2 packages of trainers and a half-pound bag of assorted treats.  It also comes with a decorated dog house treat and a 100% digestible chewy roll. This $24 Small But Mighty Gift Basket is another good choice. 

The customizable $100 Pawsome Friends Gift Basket is a great choice that will help every member of the family feel special. You can choose whether you want it to have treats for people, dogs, or cats, or any combination thereof. We hope you’ll love these gifts for your pup-loving clients and their pooches! 


If your client is a veteran with a love of all things rustic, they’ll love these gifts from the Heritage Flag Company. They’re American flags made from the wood of whiskey barrels, and they’re extremely cool-looking. Their Cask series is smaller than their other flags at 12 inches by 6 inches. Cask series whiskey barrel flags can cost anywhere from $99-$139, depending on the one you choose. They come with a stand for display. 

Technological Clients

The tech section on this list was pretty long, so we’ll include two from the list. First, let’s talk about GoalZero Yeti Generators. The one featured was a Yeti 1250 solar generator, but they’re no longer available on the website. (It’s also a thousand-dollar gift – so we wanted to see if we could find something with a lower price point!) The Yeti 1000 Core is very similar and is on sale now at $900. Still too expensive? Try the Yeti 150 Portable Power Station that can help charge small electronics. Your client can recharge it by plugging it into an outlet at home or by pairing it with Goal Zero’s line of solar panels. 

Another great tech gift is the Flic 2 Starter Kit. These cool Smart Buttons perform specialized functions via the help of the Flic app on your smartphone. You can use them to turn off all the lights in your home, and they can even work as a safety device. They usually cost $190 but at the time of this article, are on sale for $160. 


Gardens are one of the most satisfying things about owning a home. We decided to choose the personalized flower planter as the best gift for flower lovers. This item starts at $56, and if you’d like it with a stand it’s closer to $106. Hydroponic herb and veggie kits from Environet are great choices for gardeners who prefer to eat what they grow. Kits range from about $23-$69 depending on the one you get.  


This personalized wine-opener set is a great gift for wine lovers. It’s also not too costly, at $27 for a two-piece set and $30 for a four-piece set. If you have more to spend, this 32-bottle wine cooler is a good choice. At $470, it’s not as costly as some other wine coolers on the market. 

Practical Clients

Dani listed a lot of great items for practical people. She listed lawn mowing and cleaning services, as well as pest control. But the one that we really liked was branded moving boxes. Let’s face it: you can never have too many moving boxes. Plus, we think it’s a clever way to get your name out there without being tacky about it. After all, moving boxes carry the expectation that one day they’ll be tossed or recycled. In the meantime, you really helped your clients out with a practical gift.

First-Time Buyers (Personalized Gifts)

Again, there are so many gifts for first-time buyers, we had to include more than one. Our favorites are a shop vac (especially if the home has carpeted flooring), a home improvement book (or home improvement logbook), and this household toolset

Newlywed Clients

Call us crazy, but our favorite suggestion on the newlywed list is the couples massage. Hear us out: moving can be so stressful, even when it’s to your client’s dream home. Add to that being newly married and getting used to living with another person. All good things – but we think that those times could be a lot easier if couples knew there was a spa day waiting for them after all the heavy lifting and crazy communication errors that can come from moving. 

Great Cooks

Cutco knives are an awesome addition to any kitchen. You can personalize these for your client or even add your information if you’d like. They range anywhere from $75-$229 if you get a cleaver with sheath. If you want something a bit less expensive, get your client a Magic Bullet. They’re handy for making smoothies, sauces, etc. Trust us, your client will love it, and it’s just $40. 


Who doesn’t like chocolate, right? We recommend high-quality chocolate (preferably from a local chocolatier) or a spice kit like this one

Outdoorsy Types

Even the most outdoorsy people prefer not to be plagued by mosquitos. Get your outdoorsy client a Dyntatrap like this one to help them truly enjoy their time outdoors. Another great idea is a barbeque grill. (If you’re not sure whether they prefer propane or coal, you can play it safe and get a personalized grill set instead.)


Dani outdid herself in the family section. She listed a theme park outing or hot air balloon ride. Family membership to a local zoo, museum, or aquarium was another great idea. However, we really liked the simple suggestion by Realtor Garrett Pancheri. He suggested Nerf guns for every family member. Our writer is a big fan of family Nerf gun battles – it’s always a hit. The best part? Even teenagers can get into it. 

Anyone and Everyone

For those whose clients don’t fit in the above categories, you can purchase luxurious bedding. Sheets of Egyptian cotton make a great gift, especially if they have a high thread count. You can also make a move-in basket for your client or buy one like this New Home Package. They range from $35-$100, depending on how you customize them. 

The Fun List

Emile L’Eplattenier created this list of the best and worst real estate closing gifts, to add a bit of humor to your day (although you may not find it funny if one of your gifts is on the “worst” list). Don’t shoot the messenger – we’re just here to give resources, not to judge you!

They do offer some great advice on how to find the perfect gift for your client at the end, suggesting that you do some research on your client (just like you do for your real estate market), then ask strategic questions to see if the gift idea will fit them. They even suggest asking a coworker of theirs on LinkedIn, if you feel so bold. 

Best Gifts

The first one on Emile’s list really caught our attention. History buffs will love having a framed house history poster, or a book about the home’s history. Companies like Brownstone Detectives and Once Upon a Home do just that. Warning: these are pricey gifts. They start around $750 and can go all the way to $5,000 depending on what you want. 

Other great ideas included a local experience they’ll never forget, a custom house portrait, and local art. Real estate agent Anna Shagalov said, “I’ve provided a session with a local graffiti artist to design a wall in a client’s new home.” What a cool gift idea for urban artwork enthusiasts! Celebratory dinners with clients are another popular gift idea, and it’s nice that it’s such a personal touch. 

“Worst Gifts”

The “worst gifts” had a couple of favorites for us. Emile said that “furniture or anything big” is a no-no, and we’re inclined to agree. It’s really tough to find something that clients will like that they don’t have. She says we should also refrain from pillows, ottomans, lamps, etc. Our writer hates “floor pillows,” which are any pillows that her kids toss on the floor. (She thinks “throw pillows” are just a nice way of saying “floor pillows.”)

Another item that made it on the worst list: “Anything with your face on it.” She uses wine bottles as her example, citing studies that have shown that experts can barely taste the difference between expensive wine and cheap stuff. That said, people judge the quality of their wine mainly by the presentation. A label with your name and photo on it won’t exactly spell high-quality. “Unless you’re well-renowned for running a winery,” she added. 

The Affordable List

If you’re working on a budget and tend to close lower-cost homes, you won’t want to spend a significant chunk of your commission on a gift – but you’ll still want to give them something nice! Check out this list by Michelle from Key Real Estate Resources for ideas on how to make your clients feel special without breaking the bank.

Some of our favorites on Michelle’s list are: 

  • A new home photoshoot. New home photoshoots allow buyers to showcase their families in their new homes. According to Michelle, “It’s the perfect way for the Instagram generation to commemorate this milestone in their lives.” She added that you can make money by offering new home photoshoots. “They are an ideal Realtor side hustle,” she added. 
    • A framed map. Michelle suggested finding a vintage local map, or anything else that your buyers can display in the home. “Your buyers will have friends and family asking “Where’d you get that? And your buyers will be able to tell them about you.”
    • A welcome mat. Welcome mats are as diverse as the people who own them. Or, to put it in Michelle’s words, “There’s a perfect welcome mat for every homeowner.” At the Etsy link, you can find personalized welcome mats. They also have a “Welcome-ish” mat (“Depends on who you are”) and welcome mats with Bible verses on them. They even have some for RPG enthusiasts, cat owners, and a “Have you been vaccinated?” mat. 
  • Lawn games. Lawn games are a great way for families and friends to have a good time outside. “Bags, Bocce Ball, Jumbo Jenga, Jumbo Yahtzee,” Michelle raved. There’s even a giant Connect Four game and ladder ball game to choose from. Michelle added that they are a fantastic choice when buyers are hosting or attending outdoor get-togethers. 

Good Luck Finding the Perfect Closing Gift!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of closing gift ideas for realtors. Sometimes you need to become a top-secret spy agent for long enough to be a fantastic real estate agent! It can require a fair amount of work to get the closing gift just right, but if you use Close Concierge to find a great transaction coordinator, you’ll have even more time to dedicate to finding the right gift. Your dedicated concierge will save you time and money to help you get paid on time while maintaining compliance policies. Want extra time to choose the perfect closing gift for your clients? Contact us for a demo today!

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