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Creating a Great Relationship with your Contract Coordinator

All businesses thrive on maintaining a great relationship with clients. But very few understand that business partners are also deserving of this privilege.

In the real estate business, maintaining a great relationship with your contract coordinator is necessary to ensure a smooth closing of any transaction. That’s because they play a most critical role in ensuring that targets are met and transactions are delivered on schedule.

The job of real estate involves meeting people. While the agent may initiate the process, it is the contact coordinator that ensures that the project is beneficial to all parties concerned. While their job involves a lot of paperwork and scheduling appointments, one key to ensuring their job succeeds is for the agents to create and maintain a great relationship with the contract coordinator.

Before considering how to cultivate great relationships, let’s consider why it’s important to prioritize them.

  • Contract coordinators manage lots of paperwork and may spend a lot of time with tons of documents. A proper relationship with them will ease some of the pressure.
  • Contract coordinators need to always update the agents at every stage of the procedure. With a great relationship with the agent, that is even easier.
  • The closing of contracts is often an emotional phase for those involved. Contract coordinators need to have a good relationship with agents, and every other party to ensure the procedure is properly managed.
  • Without a great working relationship, the contract coordinator may not be willing to continue working for you. That may lead to extra costs in new hiring.

How to create a great working relationship with your contract coordinator

  • Understand the importance of people skills

Already, the agent is aware of people skills. It helps in selling homes. However, very few agents see contract coordinators the way they see clients. Contract coordinators help the agent serve the client better, so the agent needs to maintain the same great relationships with contract coordinators.

  • Communicate Frequently

One way to create a smooth working relationship with contract coordinators is by communicating frequently with them. Apart from reassuring them of your concern, it motivates them to get the job done as quickly as possible. However, while communication should be frequent, it is not to be frivolous, and should not interfere with the work of the contract coordinator.

  • Appreciate their efforts

Paying a contract coordinator is not the only way to appreciate a then for their service. You can show appreciation in other ways like offering gifts, kind words and letters. Showing a contract coordinator that you appreciate their efforts is important in maintaining a great relationship

  • Talk about other subjects apart from real estate

When you initiate topics that are not necessarily related to the subject of real estate, but of interest to the contract coordinator, it helps to further develop a good working relationship. This helps especially when there’s no ongoing job at the moment.

To succeed as a real estate agent, people skills are necessary. It costs nothing to extend that courtesy towards contract coordinators, who are responsible for a major aspect of a successful real estate transaction.

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