Most Common Questions About Real Estate Transaction Coordination | FAQs

What kind of agents work with Close Concierge?
Our standard customer typically closes a minimum of three transactions per month and has 7+ pending at any given point
Why do agents hire Close Concierge?
Roughly 70% of our clients come to us from another TC solution. These clients are typically frustrated with a lower quality TC experience and are looking for the most premium TC experience possible
How much time savings can I expect?
An agent will save approximately 15 hours of work per transaction by working with Close Concierge.
How can I know you will do the job the right way?
Our single most important company objective is to be the number one customer service company, regardless of industry. We are inspired by companies like the Ritz Carlton and view their service levels as competition to our own. We don’t achieve our goal of being the best customer service organization by making mistakes. That’s why you can be assured that Close Concierge only hires the absolute best, pays significantly more than the market rate, and shares profit equally amongst our team.
Is Close Concierge right for my business?
Not every agent is a good fit for Close Concierge, and Close Concierge is not a good fit for every agent. Agents that close more than three transactions a month are our standard customer
Why Close Concierge instead of a full-time TC? Or another company? Or a freelancer?
We are most similar to a full time assistant. However, we’re typically higher quality and less of an administrative burden (payroll, employer taxes, etc.) that an FTE
How do we get started?
Getting started is simple. Simply schedule a meeting with our team down below. Then, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire to ensure we customize our process to your business. We’ll ask everything you’d imagine (who your favorite inspector is), everything you might not (how you prefer handling utility transfer to/from your client’s name), and everything you need as a top agent (what your Starbucks order is)
Do I get a dedicated Close Concierge?
Absolutely. You will have a designated Close Concierge who will stay with you while your business continues to grow. While other TC companies use 1099 contractors, our employees are full-time & make above-average salaries for the industry. That means our employee retention is second-to-none, enabling you to have the same Close Concierge for years longer than another company.
How do I submit new files?
Unlike other TCs, we don’t make you fill out a form with data that could easily be gathered from the contract. Just let us know a new file exists and we can get it from your eSign software
What do I do once a file is submitted?
Once submitted, we’ll take it from there. You’ll see emails flying across your inbox but won’t need to do anything
Do you work nights & weekends?
Absolutely-and we’re unique in that. Most TC’s and companies do not. We recognize that most real estate happens at night and on weekends. So, we’re available when you need us.
How much is a Close Concierge?
We are one flat fee of $3,500 a month, with an optional add on for listing management. We have no add on fees or similar
Why is it a monthly fee?
We’ve found from talking with hundreds of agents that a flat monthly fee is a better experience for agents than a per-transaction charge.
Is Close Concierge a good investment?
We built an ROI calculator on our pricing page to view. We’ve found the average agent on Close Concierge will receive an ROI of >500% by working with Close Concierge.
Is there a long-term commitment to working with Close Concierge?
Absolutely not. Agents can start and stop working with Close Concierge whenever they like. Please note, we cannot hold your spot as one of our 25 clients and may not be able to accomodate you if you come back
Can you use my software for me?
Yes, absolutely. Regardless of your CRM, eSign software, and compliance software, we can do everything for you in your systems
Can you draft and send amendments and compliance documents?
Absolutely-this is included as part of the process
Can you track things in a spreadsheet for me?
Some clients ask us for additional support, such as building custom spreadsheets for their listings to review all offers. We are happy to accomodate
What don't you do?
We defer to you on all negotiation. This typically comes into play with low appraisals or inspections
Can you use a my email domain?
We unfortunately cannot. We have a significant amount of custom software that we cannot utilize if we work in your email domain
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