Transaction Coordination, custom to you

Real estate is a 24/7, client centric job. Close Concierge is the only TC company that understands this: we’re the only company that works outside M-F, 9-5 and the only company that can customize process, emails, and software to you and your business. 

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Trusted by agents at:

You Handle Your Business

Attending showings for buyers to sell more properties
Listing appointments to list more properties
Offers & negotiations to execute more files
Marketing & sales

Close Concierge handles contract to close

Our average agent earns $456,000 per year in commission
because they can focus on clients, not compliance

A whole TC team, working for you

Focus on your growing your business without worry about your existing transactions. Our team structure is designed to ensure that our quality is always #1: no documents are missed and no deadline is slipped.

One point of contact

All transaction parties will only ever interact with your Concierge, preventing confusion amongst transaction parties


Deep Transaction experience

Sleep easy, knowing that a team with decades of real estate experience is monitoring your transactions


Team support

With two sets of eyes on every document, deadline, and contract, nothing will slip through the cracks and be missed

How we work together

Close Concierge is dedicated to saving you time


We complete a detailed onboarding checklist that covers everything from your favorite inspector to how you prefer to do the key transfer.

We ask these questions now so you don't have to answer them later


For every new file, simply send it to your Concierge or CC them on a kickoff email to title or attorney, depending on which state you are in.

Unlike other firms, we won't make you write out basic information already included in the PSA, like who your client is.

Technology to support you

We use the latest technology

How many TC’s have their own, custom built software to help ensure that your transactions run smoothly, no deadlines are missed, and everything is on track? 


Our development partners and our team have collaborated to build the best technology stack in the industry, guaranteeing you the best transaction experience possible 

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Apply To Work With Our Concierge Team

We partner exclusively with agents who are excited to grow their business and reach the highest level of production. Our standard client reaches $456,000 in average commission per year. We partner with agents who are already top producers or who have similar aspirations for their business

To ensure our quality is always the best in the business, we only work with 25 agents at any given point.

Our Customers, Your Success

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