One of the most complex financial aspects is real estate transactions. This type of transaction involves a lot of form filling and exhausting paperwork. Another stressful aspect is the length of time it takes to complete the process, which can bring anyone to the brink of despair. Financing and buying a property is one of […]

Being a real estate agent is a demanding job. You’re constantly rushing to meet deadlines, maintain compliance with policies, and close files.  Agents being busy is exactly why we, and other transaction coordinators, exist! We exist to save you time on all of the admin from contract to close Having the right transaction coordinator can […]

Not sure what closing gift you should get? We know how hard it can be to find that perfect gift, and we want to help. Whether you’re looking for closing gift ideas for buyers or closing gift ideas for sellers, we’ve got you covered. Note: Some of these gift ideas are more costly than others, […]

Becoming a real estate agent is exciting, but it is important to understand how to avoid the common mistakes most new agents make. This will help you to navigate the terrains of your new real estate career and quickly realize your full potential.  Here are the top three missteps to avoid. Not Planning  When you […]

The ideal real estate transaction management software will increase automation and decrease paperwork. This will help you close deals faster and focus on getting new leads. Here are the top 7 options to consider: Brokermint Brokermint is one of the most popular and complete real estate back-office systems. The robust cloud-based software is designed to […]

Signing the closing papers on a real estate deal and handing over the keys to a buyer is the most exciting part of a real estate agent’s job. And if you are like most agents, you would do anything to avoid all the tedious paperwork involved in real estate processes.  Fortunately, a transaction coordinator can […]

A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator can make your life easier by handling the many administrative tasks that come along with closing a real estate deal – but how do you know that you’re hiring a good one? In this article, we take a look at 5 signs of a good Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, so […]

All businesses thrive on maintaining a great relationship with clients. But very few understand that business partners are also deserving of this privilege. In the real estate business, maintaining a great relationship with your contract coordinator is necessary to ensure a smooth closing of any transaction. That’s because they play a most critical role in […]

In one of the fastest-growing trends in residential real estate, more and more agents are looking to hire a transaction coordinator to help them grow their business The reasoning is quite simple: a good transaction coordinator can save a real estate agent anywhere from 15-20 hours of administrative work per transaction. While the list of […]

If you’ve been working in real estate, you may wonder when the key transfer should take place. When is key transfer in real estate, exactly? And how long is the closing process? In this article, we’ll talk about review the real estate closing process and go over what legal documents you need for closing on […]

In this article, we’ll discuss what buyers need to know about home inspections. First, we’ll cover the questions buyers should ask home inspectors, whether buyers should request repairs, and how buyers should request home repairs if they’re not going to get a credit instead. We’ll talk about how to negotiate home repairs, and close by […]

Let’s start by affirming that in terms of responsibilities, there’s no difference between a virtual real estate contract coordinator and a traditional contract coordinator. However, while a traditional contract coordinator works physically in a real estate office, the virtual transaction coordinator works remotely and can work with more than one client at once. The virtual […]