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I’m Sean, I’m the Concierge here at Close Concierge. My sole focus is to make sure you are able to spend your time on income producing activities. My team and I handle everything else, from contract/listing to close, with the highest level of sophistication.

Real estate is in my blood, but starting Close Concierge was a surprise. My mom didn’t know about transaction support while she was an agent. I didn’t either.

What I do know is business, leverage, and process. While I took the agent course at 18, I went to business school instead. It was an honor to attend and graduate with honors from the Wharton School of Business. After graduating, I worked for Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and then started my own consultancy.

While in consulting, I spent years working directly with Fortune 500 CEOs, hedge fund managers, A-list celebrities, unicorn start-ups, and classified government entities. The commonality across these clients: all were world-class experts at leveraging their time to focus solely on what mattered most.

At the same time, I kept hearing from agent friends who wanted the same level of leverage support as my consulting clients but couldn’t find it.
This felt fixable – and led to the start of Close Concierge.
CC is a boutique, ultra-high end transaction support team that brings the same leverage principles from my top-tier consulting background to the top-producing agents in the country. I aim to provide Four Seasons level service with CEO-level sophistication to my clients; hence the name, Concierge.
When not supporting agents, I’m with my family. My wife Pear and I live in Chicago with our children, London and (coming soon!) Riley.

Apply To Work With Our Concierge Team

We partner exclusively with agents who are excited to grow their business and reach the highest level of production. Our standard client reaches $456,000 in average commission per year. We partner with agents who are already top producers or who have similar aspirations for their business

To ensure our quality is always the best in the business, we only work with 25 agents at any given point.
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