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About Close Concierge

Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you

I’m Sean, I’m the “Concierge” here at Close Concierge. Thanks for taking the time to come visit this website….there are a lot of websites out there and a lot about real estate too. It’s great that you are visiting this one.

What’s funny is that Close Concierge used to be a business in real estate for transaction coordination. Basically, this means helping real estate agents close their transactions. Today, my goal for this website is for it to be the #1 website in the world about real estate. 


I write on this website about once or twice a week to share my experience on a specific topic within the real estate space. I also have a real estate focused YouTube channel as well where I post more frequently.

My Experience in Real Estate

A huge part of the reason I started writing about real estate online was seeing so many fake “gurus” who talked about their strategies to make money, but the gurus themselves had very little experience and their strategies made zero sense.

Trying to say this humbly but plainly: my experience in real estate is more significant than just about anyone else I’ve seen who talks about real estate online, and I got really tired of seeing so many fake gurus spreading noise. My hope is to be the experienced, licensed voice in the room.

My real estate experience:

  • I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Illinois (license number 475202452)
  • I’ve been an agent, transaction coordinator, property manager, buyer, seller, landlord for more than 600 transactions in my career. (the average agent closes about 12 transactions per year…so I’ve got about 50X the experience of the standard agent)
  • I am an investor with my wife and own a significant rental portfolio of Class A Single Family rentals in 10/10 school districts
  • I graduated with Honors from The Wharton School (ranked the #1 business school in the world), with extensive study of real estate business law and real estate development while there

Real estate is what I write about, but it’s also what I love. To this day, I start every morning by checking the local real estate market numbers, new listings, and overall market statistics.

When not doing real estate related things., I’m with my family. My wife Pear and I live in Chicago with our children, London and (coming soon!) Riley.

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