Close Concierge is an extension of your Team.

Think of us as a Full-Time Contract-to-Close specialists. See below how we’re different from freelance TC’s or other TC companies

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Close Concierge




Freelance TC or other TC Companies


($700+ if dual agency)

Full Time Assistant


(~$50-$60K per year)

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Freelance TC or other TC Companies


Close Concierge


Full-Time Assistant


Canceled transactions, additional services, late-night fees

No fees, ever

No fees, requires payroll taxes

Price for 4 transactions a month

$1600 ($400/transaction x 4 transaction)

$1,000 for unlimited transactions (cheaper than $400/per transaction for agents who close 3+ transactions a month)

$6,000-$8,000 a month (~$50-$60K per year)

Contract required?


No contracts, ever

Yes, would require lay off to terminate assistant.

Service Quality
Dedicated TC

May work with same TC

Dedicated TC

Dedicated TC

Hours of work

Monday-Friday, 9-5

We work when you work, including nights & weekends

Typically Monday-Friday, may work later on occasion

Technology utilized

May utilize unique technology

Proprietary technology

May utilize unique technology

Tasks Performed
All administrative tasks from contract to close:
  • Lender follow up
  • Title/attorney kick off and follow up
  • Brokerage compliance

Yes, most tasks

Inclusive of all tasks, including on nights & weekends


Draft amendments for signature (terms at agent direction)


Yes, always

May potentially draft amendments

Write offers (terms at agent direction)


Yes (add-on subscription)

May potentially draft offers

Add listings to MLS


Yes (add-on subscription)

May potentially draft offers

What would your ROI be?

Brokerage or large team?

Speak with our CEO to learn more about options available for larger teams or brokerages.
We do offer discounts for large groups that sign up and can support joint billing where both agent & brokerage split payment for Close Concierge.

Our Customers, Your Success

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