Orlando Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Top producing Orlando agents simply don’t have enough time to manage their existing files & work with new clients to execute new contracts.

For that reason, top producing real estate agents all across Orlando hire a transaction coordinator like Close Concierge to handle all admin work from contract to close so agents can instead focus on delivering quality service to their clients.  

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Why Close Concierge for Orlando transaction coordination

Top real estate agents typically have many choices for hiring a transaction coordinator. One of the fastest growing options is Close Concierge, a new kind of transaction coordinator company. With Close Concierge, top Orlando real estate agents get a true Concierge level service while they save time from contract-to-close

There are three unique aspects of Close Concierge; to our knowledge, no other transaction coordination company can offer the same

24x7 Support

Your Concierge will be there for you when you need them, including nights and weekends. Unlike other transaction coordinators, our day doesn't stop at 5pm and our week doesn't stop on Friday

Flat Fee Pricing

Never be surprised by a TC invoice or deal with added "fees" every again. With Close Concierge, you'll receive predictable, flat, monthly pricing. Lock in a guaranteed ROI on your transaction coordinator

Highest quality

You deliver your clients a phenomenal experience, it's only fair you receive the same from your transaction coordinator. Our TC's are deeply experienced with Texas transactions

What is unique about Orlando transaction coordination?

Orlando has a fast moving and fast paced real estate market, with unique nuances on both property and transactions. Further, strong relationships with local vendors and title companies can only help ensure a smooth real estate transaction from contract to close

Your transaction coordinator needs to understand the nuance of Florida and Orlando real estate transactions, along with possessing deep relationships with local vendors & title companies

Why hire transaction coordinators who specialize in the Orlando market?

Many transaction coordinators cover multiple states, which makes them less familiar with key aspects of both Florida and Orlando transactions. As a top producing agent, you don’t have the time to explain contract nuances to a new and inexperienced TC

Our Customers, Your Success

What Orlando real estate agents need to know about transaction coordinators

Top producing agents all across Orlando are quickly turning to a transaction coordinator in order to save themselves time and execute more files. 

In fact, survey results show roughly 70% of top producers have a transaction coordinator. By this survey, a top producer is defined as closing two transactions, or more, per month

 To produce at this level, agents need a concierge TC handling communication, document management, compliance, and every other manual administrative task from contract to close 

Why Orlando Agents need a TC who works nights and weekends too

The Orlando real estate market moves quickly, and top producing agents work nights and weekends to deliver the absolute highest level of service for their clients. 


Most transaction coordinators solely work Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. For a top producing agent, that level of support just doesn’t cut it in Orlando

With a Close Concierge transaction coordinator, you’ll have support during nights & weekends too

Why flat fee pricing leads to higher ROI for Orlando agents

Market rate for a transaction coordinator in Orlando is ~$350-$450 per transaction, with added fees for transactions for where option is invoked, for drafting amendments for signature, and more.

In practice, top producing agents face an unpredictable bill every month with questionable ROI. With a flat rate, it’s possible to calculate your ROI of hiring a transaction coordinator.

With a Close Concierge transaction coordinator, you’ll have a flat, predictable rate every single month. 

Why Orlando agents need the highest quality transaction Coordinators

Top producing agents in Orlando are busy, and hire a transaction coordinator to save them time. Most top agents use the time savings to get more contracts executed.

A top producing agent doesn’t have the time to check their transaction coordinator’s work-and shouldn’t need too

With a Close Concierge transaction coordinator, you’ll have a TC with countless transactions looking after your files

Why we started close concierge

As a top producing agent, you’ve doubtless closed transactions with a Transaction Coordinator involved. You may have even hired a transaction coordinator yourself. As such, you may be familiar already with the value of hiring a transaction coordinator. 


We’re founded by an experienced real estate professional with a deep real estate, business, management consulting, and private equity background, who kept hearing from agent-friends that transaction coordinators simply were not high enough quality to match the quality requirements needed by top producing agents.


In pretty much every other industry, the top producers receive absolute rock star administrative support to help them as they work forward to improve their business. CEOs have Chiefs of Staff, Private Equity executives has analysts, and consultants have associates.


These professions regularly hire top graduates from Ivy League schools to serve as the right-hand and enable them to do more production with less


Top producing agents, however, typically struggle to find and identify the absolute best performers to support then. Many Transaction Coordinators do not perform at a high enough level to match what most agents need to support their business. Transaction coordinators that do meet the agent’s standard often leave after a short period of time to become an agent themselves. When that happens, the top performing agent is left to find a new transaction coordinator and start all over.


We started Close Concierge to be different and to be the absolute best transaction coordination company in the industry. From the beginning the goal was to build a company that is designed for agents, and always delivers the absolute best service to agents

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