Hit your growth goals with the help of a transaction concierge

Transaction Concierge

$1,000 per month

Optional Listing Management

Our ROI is typically 1,000%

We exist solely to help you reach your growth goals. Our average client earns more than $400,000 a year more than the median US realtor. Agents can utilize the time savings from Close Concierge handling contract-to-close and instead utilize it to save themselves time from contract to close

Our “No Close, No Pay” Guarantee

We exist to help you hit your growth goals, not as a profit-hungry, faceless company. We understand life happens: agents take (well deserved) vacations, agents have family commitments, agents have health demands. While our standard agent has multiple closings per month, life can sometimes get in the way

If, for whatever reason, you do not have a closing for a 30 day billing period, we will 100% refund that payment, no questions asked. We shouldn’t be paid if you aren’t

Our Customers, Your Success

Apply To Work With Our Concierge Team

We partner exclusively with agents who are excited to grow their business and reach the highest level of production. Our standard client reaches $456,000 in average commission per year. We look for agents who have similar aspirations for their business. For that reason, we do not support teams or part time agents. We partner with agents who are already top producers or who have similar aspirations for their business

To ensure our quality is always the best in the business, we only work with 25 agents at any given point.
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