Pricing Plan


Per Month per agent

Unlimited transactions
No fees or contracts, ever

Team or brokerage? No problem. You can sign up only for your high transaction volume agents

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Why our monthly plan means no fees

Other companies charge per transaction but add on additional fees. It means you, as the agent, never know exactly how much you will be billed for at the end of the month. At Close Concierge, we believe this isn’t a good customer experience

Why the ROI of Close Concierge is higher

Other companies that charge a per-transaction price effectively penalize you for growing your business. With us, you’ll pay the same flat fee as you grow. We believe that increases the ROI of a transaction coordinator and rewards you for growing your business

Transaction Coordinator ROI Calculator

ROI Caluculator
For most agents, they spend approximately 15 hours contract to close
For most agents, it takes approximately 45 hours of client time to get a signed contract. Make sure to include time invested with clients who did not buy
Commission ($)