Quality comes from

Licensed, 10+ years in real estate coordinators
Close Concierge Foundational Belief

Quality Comes from People

Quality Service for agents comes from Quality Transaction Coordinators

For agents to receive a white glove, world-class customer experience, then they need to work with a world-class team of transaction coordinators

Quality Transaction Coordinators comes from treating employees right

For a company to employ all of the world-class transaction coordinators, they need to offer the absolute best employee value proposition in the industry

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How we're different

The Best Transaction Coordinators want the best

Top transaction coordinators have a choice: Work for Close Concierge & make three times as much as a full-time employee with benefits or make substantially less as a 1099 contractor for the other guys. It’s an easy decision for the best coordinators to make. It’s part of how we can attract and retain the best quality coordinators for you

Close Concierge

All of our transaction coordinators are full-time and are provided with fantastic benefits. Our Concierge TC's make more than double the market salary, and share in an equal portion of any of the Close Concierge profits.

Not only is the pay higher, but profit sharing means our Concierge TC's are treated as true partners and members of the team.

It makes working for Close Concierge the best possible job for a transaction coordinator, and why our team is the best.

The Other Guys

They "hire" coordinators as 1099 contractors, with less pay and require their TC's to buy their own benefits, like healthcare. Their TC's expected yearly salary is about 30% of what a Close Concierge TC makes on a yearly basis.

This significant income difference, coupled with no profit sharing, means TC's are treated as disposable for "The Other Guys."

It's why the best prefer to work for Close Concierge, and the other guys struggle to retain good talent

What We Offer

The Best Coordinators want to work for Close concierge

We offer the best to ensure the best coordinators want to work for Close Concierge. That means you, as a customer, can feel confident that you are working with the best

Full Time, with benefits

All of our Close Concierge Transaction Coordinators are full time. It means your coordinator has job security and is never woried about finding steady income. Instead, they are completely focused on you and your transactions.

2X Market Salary

Our Close Concierge transaction coordinators make almost double the standard market salary for a full-time coordinator. It means your Close Concierge is the best TC available.

Equal Profit Sharing

Everyone at Close Concierge receives equal profit sharing. Not only does this attract highly motivated, self-starting transaction coordinators, but it means everyone is incentivized by our agents loving and staying with Close Concierge

Fantastic Benefits, including industry leading parental leave

Everyone at Close Concierge recieves an absolute platinum benefits package, including industry leading parental leave. These benefits ensure our employees are treated right and fairly, which helps attract and retain talent

A vote on all hiring decisions

Close Concierge is extremely careful about who we hire. We only want the absolute best so we can provide the best. As such, all of our team members interview (and can veto) all hires to ensure only the best work here

Our Customers, Your Success

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