Quality comes from

Licensed, 10+ years in real estate coordinators

Nights + weekend support

Team review structure

Maximum 25 clients at a time

Trusted by agents at:

Licensed, 10+ years in real estate coordinators

All of our transaction concierge’s are licensed and have at least a decade of experience in real estate. With this experience level, they can handle everything from contract to close so you can instead focus on the clients. To our knowledge, no company has a more experienced team than Close Concierge

Why is our team so experienced?

Simple: our team is treated the best. We want our clients to work with the same TC for years, so we want to make sure our TC’s want to work with us for years.
All of our team members are full-time employees, make nearly 200% the industry standard, enjoy full health benefits, and profit sharing. In fact, we have a waitlist of TC’s (who work for our competitors), interested in our next job opening.

Bespoke support, as you need it

Real estate is not a 9-5 job, especially as a top producer. Our team knows that, and is there to support you regardless. We are available all waking hours, 7 days a week, to help you reach your growth goals. We can work work with any templates, software, and requirements you have

Team Review Structure

With our team structure, you will only ever interact with your TC. However, you actually have a team of five reviewing every document and tracking every deadline. With at least two sets of eyes on everything, nothing will slip through the cracks

Maximum 25 clients at a time

Quality comes from focus. For us, we are focused on a maximum of 25 clients at any given point and actively turn down business. The reason why is simple: our goal is to deliver a Concierge, Four Seasons® level transaction experience

Our Customers, Your Success

Apply To Work With Our Concierge Team

We partner exclusively with agents who are excited to grow their business and reach the highest level of production. Our standard client reaches $456,000 in average commission per year. We partner with agents who are already top producers or who have similar aspirations for their business

To ensure our quality is always the best in the business, we only work with 25 agents at any given point.
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