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The 7 Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software in 2021

The ideal real estate transaction management software will increase automation and decrease paperwork. This will help you close deals faster and focus on getting new leads.

Here are the top 7 options to consider:


Brokermint is one of the most popular and complete real estate back-office systems. The robust cloud-based software is designed to drive efficiency and profitability using features, such as transaction management, agent management, accounting, commission automation, reporting & analytics, and more.

With Brokermint, pulling up documents for viewing, printing, and scanning is straightforward both in the office and remotely. It offers unlimited templates that are easy to use. Plus, the software comes with audit functionality and email capability. 


Real estate law firms of all sizes and tile agents will find the home buying experience a lot faster, easier, and more understandable with Qualia

The real estate transaction management software simplifies the process of managing, paying, and reconciling all vendor transactions. 

All parties in a transaction can connect securely in the cloud-based platform to collaborate on the closing experience. The software ensures secure messaging, real-time auto-updates on closing milestones, document exchange, and more.


Endpoint is a full-service digital title and escrow that offers a smarter closing experience for real estate transactions. 

This transaction management platform has a robust suite of features that can be accessed across all devices. This streamlines document submission and creates a hassle-free closing for you and your clients.


For an all-inclusive platform to jump-start your real estate business, kvCORE is a suitable option. It offers a customizable IDX website and one of the most robust lead generations available in the industry.

It features SMART CRM that alerts agents on the most ideal time to reach out to leads. The platform also offers plenty of listings management, social media marketing tools, and back-office functionality.


Dotloop is the best transaction management software when it comes to speeding up the deal closing process for real estate agents, brokers, and teams.

The robust platform is designed to consolidate form management, storage, and eSignatures, among others. 

Some of the features include real-time visibility, brand tools, and cloud storage.

Currently, over 50% of all real estate transactions in the United States involve Dotloop. Plus, it has a mobile app for on-the-go accessibility.


When compliance is the top consideration, SkySlope is the transaction management tool to pick. 

Brokers and agents can securely store and maintain transaction documents in one place for as long as they want. The fully integrated product suite speeds up the closing process using an electronic signing application for digital signatures. 

Other features include file sharing, task management, tracking emails and messages, and lots of document templates.

Transactions (zipForm Edition)

Transactions (zipForm Edition) is a comprehensive transaction management system designed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

It tracks and manages the various activities and transaction information throughout the different stages from listing to closing, and also offers risk mitigation and transparency. 

Documents and deals are all accessible in one place, and the platform provides a back-office solution for users.

Choosing the Right Transaction Management Software

Need help picking the right transaction management software for your real estate business? Close Concierge is happy to help. Get in touch with us today!

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